Traditional Burial at Notre Dame Cemetery

We offer many options for our catholic faithful who have chosen traditional burials. A variety of grave sizes as well as memorialization options from flat markers to standing upright monuments. Sizes of upright monuments vary with the size of your burial lot. Monument options vary from cemetery to cemetery and by section.

Cremation Burial Options at Notre Dame Cemetery

Cremation is a growing and accepted choice for Catholics today and cremated remains should be interred on sacred grounds within a catholic cemetery. We offer in ground cremation burial either in an existing family lot, or cremation graves in multiple denominations are available as well. Cremation niches are available at Notre Dame Cemetery in Fall River and it is the only diocesan cemetery currently with this option.

Above ground cremation inurnments in columbaria will be available at multiple catholic cemeteries soon.

Mausoleum Entombment at Notre Dame Cemetery

Today Notre Dame Cemetery in Fall River is the only diocesan cemetery with mausoleums. We have two community mausoleums with crypts available for single and multiple casket entombments. There are options both indoor and outdoor available to choose from. Cremation niches are also available in Our Lady of Lourdes mausoleum.

Another community mausoleum is planned for St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Fall River in the future.

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